The external units of the commercial air


Keeping your commercial space comfortable all year round you can count on Emergency HVAC to take care of all of your commercial heating and air conditioning needs throughout the Chicagoland area. 

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We’ve worked with all different types of businesses, and we understand how essential it is for you to keep your customers, tenants, and/or employees comfortable.  We’ll help you choose a system that matches your budget and your business’ heating and cooling needs. Extremely crucial that the equipment and technology are properly selected to be energy efficient, Our technicians have years of experience working with all types and brands of systems. They’ll skillfully hook up your new equipment and make sure it’s correctly installed.







Commercial ROOFTOP is a Heating and Air Conditioning System placed on the roof, that allows you to retain, your space for your business needs and keeps your office free of HVAC noise. Commercial units are noisier than residential ones because they’re covering more space and working harder. Increase your productivity.  ROOFTOPS are more efficient than indoor models because we can set up the zoning versus one large unit handling the entire area. That means having more than one unit, with each one handling a different area of the building. Most models come with additional temperature and humidity control.

Because Rooftop units are designed to be outdoors they are contained in the metal box more sturdy and weather-proof. They’re made to prevent rain, snow, debris, and animals from getting in, while still allowing air to pass through. Metall casing designed to 

Our technicians will advise you on the ROOFTOP unit that will fit your need.

Commercial MAKE-UP AIR SYSTEM used then the highly sealed building needs fresh air intake to prevent pollution of the indoor air. Standard ventilation fans bring in the outside air “as is” without heating or tempering. With a make-up air unit, that outside air can be chilled or warmed up. This means the heating system wouldn’t be required to work any harder than is necessary nor would it waste energy.  Using unconditioned outdoor air to ventilate a building located in a location with cold winters or hot summers can create uncomfortable temperatures for the workforce. MAKE-UP AIR systems are ideal for tempering the outside air to improve the comfort and safety of people inside.

Commercial Humidifier and Dehumidifier usually get installed inside the commercial space in the utility room through the main trunk. We recommend installing Steam Humidifiers for more efficiency.

Ventilation exhaust systems reducing the inside air pressure to less than outdoor pressure. 

Fresh Air intake supplies fresh air into the building.

Commercial Ductless Units, with their own wireless electronic temperature control system, are a great solution for isolated, small, or difficult to heat up spaces. Ductless ideal for buildings that don't have space for ducts inside the walls. Ductless systems eliminate energy loss that occurs in the ducts and allow more precise temperature control in demanding workspaces.